Friday, June 11, 2021

Owen Davey Nonfiction Series

When it comes to learning about the world through nonfiction, young audiences will find themselves enraptured by this beautifully illustrated series.  Taking on one species at a time, each book (with alliterative titles, added bonus!) guides audiences in learning what makes each creature so special.

As one would expect in a series, the books follow the same format and have many overlapping subsections (these are seen in several but not necessarily all): 
  • "What are ___?" explores what criteria are used to classify each creature 
  • Little and Large compares the smallest subspecies with the largest
  • And the Award Goes to... gives a variety of superlatives for subspecies
  • Weird and Wonderful showcases some of the more bizarre versions of each species
  • ____ Mythology highlights how the species has been regarded throughout history
  • To Scale gives a size comparison when looking at various subspecies
  • Eat, Prey, Hunt takes a look at how the species has evolved to become predators (only in applicable titles)
  • Born This Way shows how the creatures are born and how they change as they grow
There are several other sections that are book-specific.

Before I get into each book on its own, I'd also like to point out how much I appreciate the textured matte finish and embossed titles of these books. The endpapers for each display a variety of the featured creatures and the retro vibe of the vector art coupled with the bold color palettes are incredibly gorgeous!

Let's take a peek inside each!

Obessive about Octopuses (April 7, 2020):

Crazy About Cats (September 5, 2017):

Smart About Sharks (August 9, 2016):

Bonkers About Beetles (June 5, 2018):

Fanatical About Frogs (June 18, 2019):

Mad About Monkeys (August 11, 2015):

COMING SOON (September 2021): Curious About Crocodiles! 

This series is geared towards children ages 5-9 and is published by Flying Eye Books. Find out more, buy the books, or shop prints at!

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