Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Shine-a-Light Books (Part II)

 I wanted to revisit this amazing series for anyone who missed it the last time, and also to feature more of the titles in the collection.  Be sure to check out Part I HERE! And if you don't follow us on Instagram,  now's a good time to start! We're offering one winner their choice of any TWO Shine-A-Light books! Find us @littlecubliteracy!

At the Library 
This book highlights what little readers can expect when they go to the public library.  From learning about activities (storytime, puppet shows) to the difference between fiction and non-fiction, this is a great read before any library visit!

Secrets of Animal Camouflage
As young audiences hold the pages to light, hidden animals will reveal their hiding spots!  This one is especially neat because if you look closely enough, you can see the animals hiding without the light.  Readers are asked if they can spot the animal before using the light to make the image clear.  I love how this teaches kiddos how camouflage works and how it's different based on each animal and their surroundings. 

Secrets of Our Earth
In this magnificent celebration of planet Earth, readers go to all ends of the globe to explore what mother nature has in store.  This is a perfect read for Earth Day and will leave readers wanting to get out and explore!

On the Space Station
Aspiring astronauts and young space aficionados will be obsessed with this peek into the space station. Children will learn all about astronauts and how they live.  From the rocket to their actual time living on the space station, readers will see what astronauts wear, how they eat, where they sleep, and much more!

On the Construction Site
Kiddos are fascinated with construction sites, but for safety reasons obviously can't go around exploring them!  In the pages of this book, little readers will learn about the various building materials and machinery they'd find on the site.  Audiences will see inside building walls and reveal "secret" architectural plans with their flashlights.

Secrets of Winter
Much of the land is covered with a blanket of snow in the winter, but flashlights help our readers reveal what's burrowing underground, what's swimming in the depths of a frozen lake,  and what plants are growing despite the cold.  Perfect for a unit on seasons or animal habitats!

On the Train
Children will learn about the different parts of a train and how a train works in this one.  Starting with the bustling train station, audiences will get a peek at train maintenance, cargo loads, and a look at how the conductor runs the train.  Kiddos who like trains will find every bit of this behind-the-scenes info fascinating.

At the Hospital
There are so many reasons one might visit a hospital, and I love that this book shares a variety of them.  From giving birth to getting a broken bone fixed, children will see happy, sad, and frightening moments portrayed.  Little readers will discover what's inside the ambulance that takes you to the hospital and learn about the jobs of various hospital workers.

Wonders of the USA
Celebrating National Parks, monuments, landmarks, and various historical sites, children will learn about all sorts of special spots in the United States.  I love that this one inspires readers to get out and see all of America!  Opening with a map of the US, this would be great for teaching geography, US symbols, patriotism, or for an enjoyable read before a road trip!

On the Farm
In this book, children will discover the inner workings of a farm throughout the course of the year.  The text covers growing and harvesting crops as well as caring for farm animals.  A great choice before a field trip to a farm or simply to appreciate where our food comes from!

As previously stated:

Regardless of which book you choose in the Shine-a-Light series, you're bound to be fascinated (and your children mesmerized!) by the sudden appearance of previously unseen aspects of the picture.  The unique interactive portion of these books makes them so fun and super engaging.  

Any teacher with a projector will tell you -- it's HARD to keep kids from playing with their shadows and blocking the projector light.  Light and shadows are inherently neat!  So you can choose a topic based on your interests, or use the books themselves to teach about light and shadows.  It's a similar experience to candling fertilized eggs: you're seeing into a world that was meant to be hidden, and it gives you a sense of awe and wonder!

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