Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Number Sense, Good Citizenship & What is Science?

This week we've been focusing on sorting, counting, and ordering our groups from smallest to largest.   This is a concept we'll continue to work on throughout the year.  I think it's important to introduce it when you're talking about numbers, though, and how each number is one larger than the last.  We always start by making towers with unifix cubes to represent each of the numbers:

Before moving on to other manipulatives:

And then Skittles & M&M's!

In small group language arts, I've pulled students to work on any letters/sounds missed in the initial letter recognition assessment.  We've gone through and highlighted the letter, traced the letter, and written the letter in addition to reading pictures of things that begin with the corresponding letter sound.

We read one of my favorite books to teach good citizenship and talked about ways to be bucket-fillers and avoid being bucket-dippers:

In Science, we've explored Science tools and tried to figure out... what IS Science?

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