Friday, August 18, 2017

Color Changing Milk!

You can't have a good introduction to Science class and the Scientific Method without a great experiment! So today we did the color changing milk experiment!

First I showed the kids the materials and asked what they thought would happen.  Hypotheses included making slime, making a milkshake, making a volcano, making an explosion.  We discussed how some of these might not be well-thought out guesses.  Would we put soap in a milkshake? Would we create something that would explode without safety gear, like goggles, gloves, or coats?  

Once we discussed what we thought might happen, it was time to make magic! Kiddos got to choose which three colors of food coloring they added to their milk, and then added 3 drops of each in the center of their trays.  Then Mrs. Steeh and I walked around with a jar of soap to dip their Q-tips in.  

Students put the soap-covered Q-tip in the middle of the food coloring.  Then they observed as the colors swirled and danced in the milk! Check out their reactions!

I just love the one in the below left picture.  It looks like a beautiful geode, or something in outer space.

Do you think I got them hooked on science?!

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