Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We've been working on our second shape unit in math, which focuses on combining shapes to form larger shapes and pictures.  In science, we've been learning about the sun and how it provides light and heat.  What better way to combine science and math than making a sunprint with shapes!?

I first learned about sunprints when my sister ordered a little stocking stuffer for me from Restoration Hardware.  They always have the coolest stocking stuffers.  I had a ton of fun making them using items I found in nature, and I figured the kids would be intrigued by the idea, too.

First, students had to design a picture using attribute blocks.
Once they set their blocks on the sun-sensitive paper, we carefully took them outside to expose them.

The part exposed to uv light changes from blue to white.  

When we came back inside, we had to rinse the paper in water.  This step is like magic!
The white part turns a dark blue and the part that was blue (where the shapes were) turns white.

As the paper dries, the part exposed to the sun turns darker and darker blue.  
Once dry, we matted the prints and let the students sign their art!

If you're interested in doing this at home or in your classroom, you can click the first picture above (super sunprint kit) to find the kit for sale on Amazon.  That's the same one I used and includes everything you need!

We also explored how sunscreen and sunglasses protect us from UV rays using some sun-sensitive beads.

The beads change color when exposed to UV light, so properly working sunscreen or sunglasses will prevent the beads from changing color.  You can find the beads here!

This week, now that the sun is in full force again(!), we'll experiment with a solar oven!

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