Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Real-Life Number Talks

Need a refresher on what Number Talks are and how to conduct them?  Click HERE for that post.

Ever since I've started doing Number Talks, I've become obsessed with them.  They are such a great way to gain insight on how students see and think about a given number of objects! But sometimes, I'm not sure they see how it applies to real life.  Whenever I see the opportunity to swap out some dot cards for real-life number talks, I do.  We've dropped cereal pieces before and searched for groups that way.  When I attended the Air Show at RAFB recently, all I could think was, "THESE PICTURES WILL BE PERFECT FOR NUMBER TALKS!" (I say think, but I definitely said it out loud repeatedly to David.)  Anyway, I was right! The kids really enjoyed it.

Next time you're out with your child, look for a way to incorporate a conversation about numbers!
You'll find opportunities everywhere.

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