Monday, October 3, 2016

Field Trip to Lane Southern Orchards!

So, the last time I went to Lane Southern Orchards for their corn maze, I guess the corn was mostly dead.  I went two years ago with David and Zulu, and I remember it being incredibly easy.  I thought it would be perfect for the kids!

Well... the corn stalks were tall and healthy this year, and the pattern was much harder.  It took us awhile to get out.  I said to the parent chaperones that it shouldn't be a problem; if we got lost, we could always pull up satellite imagery on Google maps.  Unfortunately, Google maps still had last year's corn maze design!

We made our way out eventually, and we enjoyed the challenge.  We also got to go on a hay ride, play on the playground, have a picnic lunch, pick wildflowers, and enjoy some fresh peach ice cream!

Lane will definitely be included on our field trip list in future years.  They were very well-organized and so much fun!

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