Monday, May 25, 2015

End of Year Gifts: Decorated Clipboards!

Ooooh, I love crafting. Scrapbooking, collage making, painting, clipart-making, just give me some sort of creative outlet! My new recent obsession is Shrinky Dinks. Didn't know how cool those were until Mother's Day! Also, apparently missed that boat as a kid.  If you haven't played with them, go buy some now! 

Anyway, as the year came to a close,  I wanted to give a gift to those teachers in the "New Girl Club," my mentor and my principal.  Something that would let each person know how much I appreciated them, but something that would be useful and bring a little smile each day...

... Naturally, (or unnaturally? not sure this would be everyone's first thought) I thought of clipboards!  I just recently made a monogrammed one for my sister-in-law's graduation (she's going into teaching, too).  So I guess I had clipboards on my mind. But someone made me a decorated clipboard my second year of teaching and it still brings me joy on a daily basis.  I actually get a little annoyed when I have to use a boring clipboard.

Anyway, with some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and ribbon, check out how they turned out! Then go ahead and pin them for your next gift project. ;)

Were they well received? I would say.... 


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