Friday, June 5, 2015

Meet Pete

Ah, summer break. Time to lay in the sun and be real lazy! Right? Half right. I do enjoy a good relaxing hour in the sun... but I feel the need to be productive, too. After we rescued Zulu from a shelter in August, I've periodically checked the shelter's webpage and read about all the dogs still in need.

There are so many! It breaks my heart knowing how many people there are that treat dogs terribly.  Knowing that I'd be home a lot more and have some free time, I convinced David it was a good idea to foster a dog. 

Enter Pete, our foster dog.  He's ours until he gets adopted, which will be bittersweet. 

This was Pete four weeks ago. (Sadly, but aptly, named "Skinny Pete." Breaking Bad, anyone?

This was Pete today! 

Wondering how he and Zulu get along? Um, they are obviously best friends.

Pete is one of the best behaved dogs I've ever met. He is so sweet and affectionate. David calls him "Velcro Dog" because he kind of just follows you everywhere... but when you stop, he leans against you, slides down your leg and rolls over for a belly rub. His tail wags constantly

If only people were as resilient as dogs. It seems like no matter what they go through, they still always have that promising, heartwarming spirit inside them.  Just Google "rescue dog before and after" and you'll see videos of dogs in dumpsters or with insane wounds, left under a tarp ... and when a human approaches, the tip of their tail just starts thumping away.  People would never have that level of optimism. (Also, maybe don't Google that? You may start crying. Despite knowing that those dogs are in a much better place. It's hard to see where they came from.)

And yep, I'm back where I started... It breaks my heart knowing how many people there are that treat dogs terribly.  Want to adopt Pete? Want to foster? Get in touch with GCRR or your local shelter! Fostering saves lives!

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