Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last Week of School

I'm used to the last week of school being half days, but I actually think it's better to have full days. You can get more accomplished! We still did our usual activities for the EOY celebration, but it was a lot less frantic.

Bubbles & Chalk:

Book Character Dress-Up Day:

This was even more awesome than in years past because (a) I brought my Griddler to school instead of the Crockpot and (b) a window leads right to the courtyard, so Mrs. Dean took kids' orders through the window as I served the food! Hilarious!

Last Day Lego Party!! Because EOY kindergartners have "the building blocks of success!" 

The sad news is that I couldn't find any of my past years' decorations. Somehow they got lost (?) in the move I guess. I'm still hoping they'll turn up, I loved those Lego men! The amazing news is that I have the best student parents, and one of them came up with this incredible game. (Thanks, Mrs. Returns!!)  

Pin the head on the Legoman!  Next year I will make the mask that comes with this set so that they don't have a cloth blindfold. Plus, it's adorable.

Lego toss! We have some great throwers.

While most stores don't have Lego licenses and won't make Lego cupcakes, 
you can easily throw a lego on top of cupcakes to make them fit the Lego theme.

Lego diplomas. :D

Mrs. Returns also found these adorable masks at Target! (I am telling you, she really made the party this year. THANK YOU AGAIN!) I can't seem to find a link to them online. I also passed right by them in the store, because they were in the far left corner, away from most of the themed party stuff.  Target also has Lego banners which you can only buy in stores. 

Of course they were enjoying their Ring Pops at the same time, haha. Congratulations, Class of 2027! One year of school, done. 2027? That makes me feel so old.

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