Thursday, March 26, 2015

Best Kinder Easter Hunt Ever!

We had our egg hunt today since a lot of kids tend to be absent the Friday before Spring break. While I am used to the "throw the eggs in the grass and let the kids scramble to pick them up"  type of hunt, this year was different for two reasons. 

One: The lawn at our school hadn't been mowed in awhile, so there were lots of genuine hiding spots. The guys came to mow today! I had to ask them to mow our section last. ;)  Two: The KIDS hid the eggs. I counted out the eggs and realized we had enough for everyone to get 22 (but really 21 if we factored in broken eggs and inevitably never found eggs) so each kid hid 22 eggs in the courtyard. With such a limited number, they were able to take the time to find good hiding spots. 

The kids made their collection bags in the morning. We always make Easter bunnies with paper bags and scraps of construction paper. I make a model, but the kids really have creative freedom with this project. I don't help at all! 

My model, haha

Look at the creativity! 
Hair, earrings and a baby bottle! 

An eye-patched pirate bunny! 

In the afternoon, it was time to hide our eggs! 

Notice how well-hidden her egg is! 
She had the right idea. 

Can you handle how cute these kids are? 

Mrs. Dean and the kids! 

Me and the kids! 

Time to go hunt..... 

See what I mean? They're really hidden! 

Everyone got 21 eggs!  Even with Mrs. Dean and me looking, we couldn't find them all. There are still 4 somewhere out there, and several were stepped on, so 22 per kid wasn't an option. 

When we got back in the classroom, it was time for egg math! We sorted, ordered by count, and did various addition problems. 

My advice for other teachers having an egg hunt? Let your kids hide their own eggs! 

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  1. And I loved the fact that I didn't have to hide the eggs either (my past job for the last 9 years). With that fact, the nice overcast weather and the excited kids, it was a great hunt! Love, Mrs. Dean