Saturday, March 21, 2015

HCBE Recruitment Fair!

Saturday was the Houston County teacher recruitment fair. It is crazy to me that at this time last year, I was panicked about finding a job and the upcoming wedding and move! This year, I'm an established *Georgia* educator, I helped organize the recruitment fair for our school and I got the chance to interview new candidates! 

As an added bonus for our carnival theme, I got to make 95 bags of cotton candy. As one of the other teachers said, I can now proudly put "cotton candy maker" on my resume. 

Many people stopped by to tell us our room was better than all the rest! What do you expect from the Greatest School on Earth?

The setup committee! 

There's an umbrella under there! Ms. McDaniels is a genius for getting that to stay! 

API, Superintendent, Principal

Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Wallace

How often is the Superintendent of schools willing to take a selfie?? 

Mrs. Sayles and I had a wonderful time passing out tickets to our interview carnival :D 

Here's hoping we get a great selection of new teachers! Now we can start planning next year's theme.... 

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