Thursday, April 9, 2015

Baby Chicks!

In case you don't recall, my class last year got to host some baby chicks for a few weeks while we watched them grow and study the chicken life cycle. On the weekends, I got to take the chicks home. Aside from the random poop on the kitchen floor (gross!) those guys were the best! They cuddled with me on the couch for a movie, they waddled around the house behind me as I walked through rooms, and they relished being pet. In a dogless time, they were pretty good pets! 

Flashback from last year:

This year, however, without having a farm to give the chicks to once hatched and grown, I felt like my students were going to miss out. Enter 4th grade teacher Mrs. Wildes to the rescue! She has a chicken coop and brings chicks to her class each spring. She was kind enough to let us visit her room and hold the little fluff balls. :D

So while this year's group doesn't get to watch them grow, they *did* get to hold them. I'm not sure watching is better than holding! We weren't allowed (ahem, the kids weren't allowed) to hold them last year. And just look how excited they were to be able to! 

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