Thursday, October 30, 2014

High Expectations

Every other week, kindergarten students write to a prompt. The writing is graded, sent home, and returned signed by a parent so that parents know exactly what their child is producing during writing time. 

During the first nine weeks, that rubric consisted of: proper name formation, drawing a detailed picture and labeling pictures with beginning sounds. 

Now that it's the second nine weeks, the kindergarten teachers felt it was important for parents to see where we'd like their child to be.  What resulted is THIS RUBRIC. It's not meant to scare any parents who have a child that's not there yet! It's meant to help parents let children know what the end goal is. 

We have been spending a chunk of our word work time each day on sentence construction so kids realize the difference between uppercase and lowercase, spacing and no spacing. 

I will take pictures and share some of my favorite writing samples tomorrow. It amazes me what some of these kids are doing in their writing.... adding metaphors and dialogue,  among other things.  

What a bunch of little geniuses. :) 

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