Thursday, October 30, 2014

Red Ribbon Week

Halloween is rapidly approaching! Since it falls during Red Ribbon Week,  our school is having a door decorating contest with the theme "Drugs are Spooky."   I Googled a few designs for the kiddos to vote on and they chose the scariest option! I was hoping for a witch. Here's how our door turned out:

Creepy, right? Of course you open the door to our typical bright, cheery colors... But still! The winning class gets a pizza party, so the kids kept saying "Do we get our pizza tomorrow?"  I was like... Guys, (a) we haven't won and (b) if we do win, the pizza won't come tomorrow! 

Here are some of the other highlights from Red Ribbon Week:

Dont let drugs twist you up: 50's Day! 
How stinkin' cute are they? (The answer is very.) 

Friends don't let friends do drugs: Twin Day! 

Up, up and away from drugs: Superhero Day! 

You guys KNOW I love to dress up with the kids, so Red Ribbon Week is right up my alley. Between 50s day and Superhero day I think I used a full can of hairspray ;)  

I like to include Halloween-themed brain breaks but forgot almost all month! I don't know where my head's been. I finally used some today and the kids were pumped! 

Below, you'll see my favorite! 

We've been talking about gravity in science and I did a little experiment with Pete the Cat trying to show the kids the importance of wearing a seat belt. Hopefully they brought it up during their homefun tonight! 

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