Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prepping for a Sub

Ugh. The dreaded sub plans. Almost always taking more time and effort than the time you take off.
I don't know about other teachers, but when I am going to be out, I stay at school until roughly 10 or 11pm the night before making sure everything is ready and organized for the sub.

Last time I was out, my sub finally commented on the organization! Hooray! Sometimes I feel like subs don't even look at the plans I leave. So frustrating.

This time, since I will be gone for a couple days, the students and I sat down and came up with some SUB RULES. Students who earn 4 green or blue owls (positive behavior for the days I'm gone) get to eat lunch in the classroom on Friday when I return and get a popsicle!

While gone, students will be completing themed lessons centered around: Scaredy Squirrel, Astronauts, Aliens and Curious George. I'll post examples of these plans and the projects later!

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