Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Extra Yarn

Have you ever read this book?

It is a precious story about kindness and sharing.  In a dreary town, a little girl finds a box full of beautifully colored yarn.  She begins to knit sweaters for the people of the town, and when she realizes her supply of beautiful yarn is never-ending, she knits sweaters to cover everything - including buildings!

One day the box of yarn is stolen from her when she refuses to sell it.  The thief is excited to use the yarn, but when he opens the box... it's empty.  Children realize that the only reason the little girl's supply of yarn is never-ending is because of her capacity to love and share her gift with others.

After reading the story and discussing, students got to choose a piece of colored yarn and create whatever they wanted with it.  Then they wrote about what they made.

A sweater dress! Love it! Let's all buy one when she
grows up and becomes a fashion designer. ;)

I like this one. "I made the letter Q."  It is backwards, but she tried 
to make the Houghton Mifflin alphafriend Queenie Queen. ;)

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