Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aliens & Astronauts

Here are a few of the activities the kiddos did while I was out. Two of the days focused on space. They read Fly Guy Presents Space, My Place in Space, and Aliens in Underpants Save the World!

I can't even handle how well they turned out.

"When I come to be an astronaut, I will make the world will be change the world."
Alright, kindergarten sentences don't always make complete sense.

"Astronauts can live in space.  If I went to space I would explore every planet 
and I would go to the moon and I would step on the moon!" 

"I am on the moon.  I want to go to the moon. I like space."

"I saw an astronaut. Did you see it? Yes I did. Let's go to play with it."

"If I was in space I would jump on the moon."

"So astronauts do silly things."

"I build an alien project."

"Aliens love underpants.  Our book was about aliens.  
The aliens save the world with underpants."

"My alien likes to eat apples.  He is sleeping.  My alien likes to go to the park."

If you haven't read the Aliens in Underpants series, you must! So cute.


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