Friday, December 6, 2013

Thankful For...

Oy vey, it's been a little bit.  Well, it's been longer than usual.  Sorry about that... I thought I might be productive over Thanksgiving break, but since I went to visit Madre & Padre I kind of regressed into being a lazy kid.  Haha, it happens.  It is amazing to go back home and have mom cook your meals AND clean your dishes! WHAT! And then have dad pay for your gas on the way back home.  Ridiculous. To say I'm thankful for my family would be a gross understatement.  Cameron was pretty upset that his Thanksgiving feast didn't happen on Tuesday because Albemarle schools were closed the day before break!  What a terrible first-ever snow day.  Despite having chilly rain, our feast went according to plan:

Children were thankful for ...
Family, school, friends, dads, moms, baby sisters, grandmas & grandpas, getting to play... and being a kid.

At my family's Thanksgiving meal, we had some beautiful centerpieces created by Cameron.  My mom tried to make the Mayflower with him and he said "But Grandma, we need to make some portholes. And some water. AND SOME WIND!"  Hence the slightly bent sails.  But it's pretty cleverly crafted from a coffee sleeve, and I think I'll have to include this activity in the classroom next year!

We also had a color-while-you-wait-to-eat tablecloth.  (The adults and kids alike enjoyed this.) My mom purchased crayons that went along with things we liked.  Naturally, I got Crayola's "Up Owl Night" pack.  I loved it of course! But unfortunately, most of the crayons were pretty dark.  So my turkey was slightly gothic.  The tablecloth also included a place to write what you're thankful for and various games to play. 

This was the craft dessert... It was gluten-y, so I didn't get one, but I had a g-free pecan bar which probably tasted better despite being less holiday themed. ;0)    I like the pattern that's going on with his tail feathers.  Done with full units and all!

Since it's a family tradition, we got dressed up and went to The Nutcracker.  I enjoyed hearing the little girl behind me give her commentary throughout the show ("but BOYS don't wear pink!") but enjoyed even more watching the fascinating performance.  It never gets old, year after year.  And since he's my favorite nephew, I made Cameron a book advent calendar this year.  I kind of hated wrapping them all.  I may have complained the entire time, actually.  But on Thanksgiving he whispered "I'm thankful for books," so it was worth it.  Also, that's a drastic improvement from last year's Spongebob and Lego 'What I'm Thankful For' list.  I think family was toward the bottom...


I'm thankful for books, too.  Other things on my list included - family, friends, my job, love, faith, health, happiness.  What are *YOU* thankful for?

My signature tonight will be the one I found on the bottom of my mom's cork trivet:

...So you can show your kids I wouldn't have a four-star name if I used my own rubric on myself. Wompwomp.

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  1. Loved the pics. The children's feast looked wonderful!