Friday, December 6, 2013

A House for Hermit Crab

This week we had our Hermit Crab unit.  We practiced summarization and retelling a story with A House For Hermit Crab and made our own version of the book.  We discussed the difference between a house and a home with Once There Was a House, a House That Was a Home.  Children made the connection that Hermit Crab's shell was just a house when it was plain, but a home when he decorated it with all of his sea creature friends.  

Time out. Do you SEE that amazing hermit crab drawing?! That's a six-year-old art prodigy!

We graphed shells for Hermit Crab and sorted characters that were/were not in the story.  Each day, we wrote one page of our book.  Today, we finished the book and added the hermit crab to the cover along with our special decorations.  

This was the first year I've done a unit on Hermit Crabs, but I was inspired when I had a student tell me she had multiple pet hermit crabs.  I remembered when I had a pet hermit crab (a "hey, I feel bad you're in pain so I'll buy you this small pet you're asking for" gift when I first got my braces) and thought that it would be good for kids to know about them since they see them all the time for sale at the beach!  You know, the infamous "free hermit crab when you buy a cage" signs plastered everywhere.  Nevermind that the cage is always like $20!

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