Sunday, November 24, 2013

N-O, that spells NO!

Bet you can't guess what sight word we learned this week!  Eh? Eh?
It was "NO," of course! And I was so happy when someone saw the word "on" in reading group and said, "Hey, that's kind of like no, but it's not!" Yess. Making connections.

We got to read one of my favorite book collections this week by author David Shannon. Our read-alouds included No, David!, David Goes to School, and David Gets in Trouble.  Then we made our own book like No, David! showing some of the things we do that we're not supposed to.  We got to practice writing NO a lot and review the rules.

Oh... and our books were shaped like David's head! Hahaha. Too cute.

The pictures for "No running!" were definitely my favorite.  I think that a lot of kids could relate to this one when they get distracted in line and have to hustle to catch up.  (By the way - sorry for the funny photo effect on these pictures - their handwriting only showed up when I used this style!)

Other rules we voted to include in our "NO" book included no lying and no hitting.  We also wrote "no, no, no" on one page that had a picture of us breaking a rule of our choice in the lunchroom.  On the right, you can see a kiddo up out of her seat in the cafeteria (a *big* no-no!)

The illustrations in these books went far above my expectations.  I think the kids enjoyed seeing me make my book "No, Miss Francis!" as I broke all the rules. Good thing we never break the rules in real life....!

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