Friday, April 19, 2013

Jellyfish, Jack in the Box, & Jungles

This week was "J" week and a review of math concepts (one more/one less, time, addition & subtraction).

We made Jellyfish to hang around the room:
Notice the longer, thicker feeding arms and the shorter, thinner tentacles.

On the backs of our jellyfish, we wrote a fact or two that we learned about them. Most children liked the following facts: (1) the Australian box jellyfish has enough poison to kill a person, (2) jellyfish have no heart or face or blood, but they do have a stomach and jelly, and (3) jellyfish don't attack you but will sting you if you touch them.

Last year, I went through the painstaking process of making THESE real, popping-out-of-a-box Jacks with my students.  This year, I gave my example from last year away as a prize to the best Jack-in-the-box made out of a J.  I realized that while last year's project was cute, it was too time consuming and difficult... and thus will never again be repeated in the classroom.

But, look at what we will make from now on:

(By the way, that's Asher's from this year.  He won the paper Jack-in-the-box for having the best J!)

We also read about jungles and drew labeled pictures of our own.  Don't you *love* the rays of sunshine coming through?! :0)

And to make the week that much better, we got our Pizza Party for being the Box Tops winners!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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