Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day


To begin the day, we created some Earth art using shaving cream paint. 


The steps for this are crazy easy.
(1) Spray some shaving cream on a plate. (Yes, that's styrofoam I'm using.... on Earth Day. Wompwomp. I failed a tiny bit there.) 
(2) Add dollops of the paint in the colors you want for your painting.  Obviously for the Earth, we only needed green and blue.  
(3) Swirl the paint to make a pretty design.  
(4) Lay your paper on top of the shaving cream/paint swirls and gently press down to ensure the whole paper touches the paint. 
(5) Let dry for five minutes.  
(6) Use a ruler to scrape off the shaving cream and reveal your finished artwork! 

What I love about these paintings is that they are all so unique.  Just make sure your kiddos don't swirl the paint too much ... otherwise you'll just end up with a greenish blue blob.  I tried to stop some of mine before mixing too much, but they told me they weren't done yet.  I think they had too much fun swirling!

After we talked about reducing, reusing and recycling, it was time to plant some seeds!
Students got the choice of planting Sunflowers or Corn.  Yes, somewhat random, but I've planted both of these and had success with both.  I think that the little ears of corn are so cute and thought the kids would enjoy seeing them, too.  We had about a 50/50 split of who planted what.

Here's hoping they sprout!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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