Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I love
1. People who want to help our class can donate money to projects which improve student learning.
2. Their customer service is truly the best there is.
3. It's easy to post a project and relatively easy to get the projects funded, you just have to be patient.
4. We've had great success! has fully funded THREE projects for our class so far this year.  We received books with audio CDs in the first half of the year, but most recently we got a new class library and digital cameras funded!

Students went from sighing when they were assigned buddy reading as their literacy workstation for the day to begging me to go. Can you blame them? Look at how NICE it is! I want to cuddle up and read a book there, too!

And the digital cameras arrived yesterday in the mail.  The idea with the cameras is that I won't be the only author of the blog anymore! Your children will get the opportunity to take pictures of class happenings and write their own captions in an upcoming Primary Perspective section of the blog.  Keep a lookout! We have to review the rules of the digital cameras and there will be two-four students a week selected to take photos and share.

I love that I can show all of this cool stuff to the kids and say "Look at what WRITING can do for you. Miss Francis wrote to nice people and got all this really great stuff for our room!" ;0)

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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