Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jolly's Adventures Continue!

Well, Jolly didn't get into quite the predicament Freddie the Elf did in Virginia, but he did have loads of fun... and some trouble... in our classroom.  He's an elf that brought plenty of holiday spirit to our classroom.  Just look!

Ziplining on the Christmas lights.  He also had a beautiful mountain scene projected on the SmartBoard here.

He got himself into a bit of a predicament on this day.  The green army man was upset that he didn't have his own elf, so he tried to kidnap Jolly! Luckily, we were able to brainstorm some ideas and save Jolly ... WIHOUT touching him!  We taped the army man in his place, and ate the MREs he left.  (Because on this morning, David looked at me, pulled the MREs he brought back out of the pantry, and said "Hey, can you make the elf do something with these?")

The kids wrote about what happened for their morning work.
Look at what a sweet reader Jolly is! He knows how to select a good-fit book and sit criss-cross applesauce while reading!

When Jolly had his North Pole breakfast, he also brought us a waffle iron and all the ingredients necessary to make waffles! (How convenient!!) As I made the kids their waffles with the things Jolly set out, we talked about the steps one at a time so they could write a How-To piece on How To Make Waffles in the future.

I just love having an elf visit our classroom.   He keeps a close eye on the kiddos and reports back to Santa, so I don't have to worry about any crazy behavior!

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