Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jolly the Elf

On December 1, students arrived in our classroom and noticed some tiny trees and a gigantic mess of snow coming from the ceiling.  Nestled in the trees was a tiny note from our elf, Jolly:

He told us that he wanted to visit, but could only make an appearance if the students were well-behaved.  The following day, we came back to class and saw Jolly sitting beside the trees and icicle lights hanging from our ceiling!  He'd also put up a Christmas tree! His sign said "I love Christmas! I decorated for you!"  He also brought the Elf on the Shelf book for us to read.  Students learned that it was important not to touch him or he'd lose his Christmas magic and wouldn't be able to come back to visit us each day.

On Monday the 5th, we realized Jolly had a really good time over the weekend.  He returned to us in a robe and slippers near a bubbly hot tub!

Unfortunately, someone in our class touched Jolly on Monday.  He did not return to us on Tuesday.
Instead, the elf in another Kindergarten class had a note addressed to us!  He told us that because someone touched and pushed Jolly that he could not come back.  He was sad at the North Pole and really hoped Santa might give him just enough magic to come back again.  The other elf was willing to let Santa know how the kids did on Tuesday.

Immediately after reading the letter, ALL of the kids said "WE NEED TO WRITE HIM A LETTER!" (Who am I to turn down a writing assignment that the kids came up with themselves?)
Their requests to Santa were precious.

I had a good feeling that the letters would convince Santa to let Jolly come back.
Sure enough, on Wednesday morning, we found Jolly back in our classroom!

This time he was up high on a swing, where no one could touch him - even on accident.
He left another elf-sized note in the trees for us:

I just love having an elf in the classroom.  The kids get excited to find out what he's up to each day,
and for most of the kiddos, it helps them make good choices.  

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