Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spooky Houses, Apple Races & Snap Word Power!

As a celebratory Halloween math activity, the kiddos made their annual Spooky Houses!
This year, we used milk cartons as our base (just like with the Gingerbread Houses at Christmas).
We talked about the square and rectangle graham cracker pieces, and students had to roll a die to count how many pieces of candy they added at a time.  They were surprisingly good about sticking to this rule! They panicked when they couldn't find a die.

When the decoration was complete, each student got a candy corn pumpkin to manipulate based on given positional words.  Each house had an icing door, so it was easy to tell where the front/back of the house were.  

Today, we explored gravity with some apple and pumpkin races.  Students manipulated plastic rain gutter slides ($7 for one 10' piece at Lowe's, cut in half) to see what would make the apples reach the ground faster.  Then, students raced an apple and a pumpkin at the same slide height.  They wrote about their conclusions.  They had a BLAST with this activity!

In reading, Spiderman brought us another package teaching us about SNAP WORD POWER! In it, he included Pop Rocks to remind us that we should know Snap Words in a "Snap! Pop!" He taught us that we can check if we're pointing at the correct words based on if we're saying the snap words aloud while we point to them.  Sure, we might not know ALL the words in the story, but if we get to a word we DO know, we should be saying it correctly as we point to it.

Teachers! (And Parents, if you're interested in reading them!) I've scanned copies of all the letters I use from Spiderman in our Readers Have SuperPowers unit! GET YOUR COPY HERE or by clicking the picture below!  You can also find the comic I made HERE and the book for reread power HERE. Enjoy!

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