Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kindergarten Superheroes

Students were given a blank superhero logo on Friday and asked to come up with their own Superhero identity with a personalized logo.  Here's what they came up with! I love, love, love their alter egos.  

From top left: Bug Boy, Superman, Laser Lady, Super Camden, Cancer Hero(!), Animal Boy, Super Girl, Waterboy, Super A, Green Man, Lava Girl, Dayson the Daring and K The Great. These are going to be on display in our hallway all year. AWESOME!

We started a few new routines this week.  For starters, when students came in on Tuesday, the puzzles were gone for morning work.  Those were just for while we were getting settled.  We've transitioned to our handwriting notebooks, copying letters and drawing things that begin with the given letter sound.  

We've also begun legitimate Reading and Writing Workshop.  Students got their writing folders (I'll do a post on what I included in those later) and have started writing some true stories.  We have some work to do on what's true/what's not, since I've gotten some stories about turning into owls, zombies attacking, wolves protecting a boy whose mom disappeared from getting taken by some bad guys....   the good news is that this is a creative group!

In reading, we've been looking at nonfiction books and 'reading' what we can in the pictures, trying to figure out what the pictures can teach us.  Students have been self-selecting their books based on what they're curious about (!) and we've worked up to 10 minutes of independent reading and 10 minutes of partner reading.  

We also started number talks in math and had our first round of math stations today.  Tonight, I printed and laminated the students' pictures for our rotation board. Hooray! 

I forgot to post about these things last week, so I'm including them here:

Last Friday we continued going over rules with No, David! I always love to see how these turn out.  So stinkin' cute. 

We read all kinds of counting books in math before continuing manipulative exploration.  We counted up to 10 and back down from 10.  We used up to 10 dots to make a picture after reading Donald Crews's 10 Black Dots.

It's amazing that we're wrapping up our second full week already. 

Oh... and we've been having some wonderful read-alouds.  I've introduced this group to Otis. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now I'm freaking out because in doing a quick Google search of the Otis titles, discovered that Otis and the Kittens is available September 20! (This is the newest book that Loren alluded to in his letter to our class last year!) YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points to convey my excitement for this one! 

P.S. I'll suggest these titles, among other class favorites, in the book order coming home.  

5-minute-later update: Don't worry, all. I've gone ahead and pre-ordered it on Amazon so I'll have release-day delivery. ;)

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