Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm Curious About...

What an exciting week it's been for us!  On Monday, Curious George came to visit our school! 

PreK-2 students met in the cafeteria to discuss a mystery box.  Students asked questions to find out what might be inside the box.  (There was a toy tiger and a book about tigers... and a banana...)
It was Curious George's banana!  He helped get the kids excited about reading, and reminded them that if they're curious about something, they can look in a book to learn more.  

After the program, Coach George refused to wear the costume any longer.  He said it was too hot.  So, I got to cross "be a Curious George mascot" off my bucket list. Ha, ha.  It was highly entertaining for me to go throughout the school as Curious George.  The kids really enjoyed it... and when I got back, my students made comments like "We know there was a person in the suit.  We saw the person's neck.  And it was a girl, because she had long hair.  It was long, dark hair."  I gave them a wink, and one girl asked if I was crying.  I said "No! You guys! I disappeared for like two hours and a monkey was in your classroom.  A monkey who you said was actually a person.  A girl person.  With long dark hair, like mine.  WHO COULD IT HAVE BEEN?!?!"  Kids crack me up.  

This whole opportunity presented itself because one of my student's grandmothers works for Houghton Mifflin.  She secured the costume and brought free books, coloring sheets and stuffed animals for the kids!  (Amazing, I know.) I just had to ask my administration's permission to host an event and lead a short program at the school.  If you're interested in setting up a Curious George event at your school, it looks like you might be able to request it here.  

Houghton Mifflin's website also has a 75th anniversary Get Curious About Reading Party Kit that has lots of great activities.

What are you curious about? Don't forget you can always look in a book!

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