Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Room Setup!

I guess when you only have two months it tends to go by pretty quickly, but we've already reached the last week of summer! I'm definitely ready to meet the new kiddos!

Last week I went in for a few days to organize the furniture. It's not 100% ready yet, but here are some photos of the new room setup:

It feels much more open this year than it did last year. Also, every desk is either facing straight at the board or perpendicular to the board, meaning no student has his/her back to the front of the room.  

I've also swapped out and painted two bookshelves, to make room for new books! You can never have too many children's books! (David might disagree with me on this point, but he appreciates my passion for them.)

Now I just need to get my class roster so I can add nametags and start making materials!

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