Thursday, November 19, 2015

SHES First Annual Eggs-periment!

We've all heard of the project: students get an egg and have to design a protective case so that when the egg is dropped, it doesn't crack.  The difference here is that the project wasn't assigned in third grade, and the drop wasn't from the top of some steps.  Our kindergarten students were given the project, and Flint Electric brought their bucket truck to help with the drop (47.5" high)!

We made the news! Check out 13WMAZ for a video or Houston Home Journal for an article.

More eggs survived than didn't, as you can see in the image above.   Some of the students who had eggs survive the practice run at home didn't survive the drop from this height.  Other projects, which teachers initially questioned, turned out to protect the egg perfectly! (An empty shoebox with the egg taped to the bottom? A jar of peanut butter?) 

Kids, parents and teachers enjoyed the "eggs-periment" and it's something the students will remember for a long time.  

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