Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shape HedBanz

You guys know this game, right? The "What Am I?" game where you hold an unknown card up to your head (or, well, place it in a headband) (or hold your phone up to your head in this app version; go here if you're an iPhone user) and have to guess what's on the card? It is hilariously fun to play. So I figured, why not use it for shape recognition and description? 

THE KIDS WERE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I previewed it in our morning message. They were waiting for math all day. THEY CHEERED SO EXCITEDLY WHEN IT WAS MATH TIME! 

We broke up into four teams, based on the colored rows on the carpet. The first team to help their player guess the mystery shape won a point. If you shouted out the name of the shape, your team was disqualified that round. If a player looked at the card before guessing, that was also grounds for disqualification.  Students had to help their peers guess what the shape was by giving helpful clues: 2D or 3D, number of sides, number of angles, various shapes that make up a 3D shape, length of sides, etc.  The players holding the cards were allowed to ask questions, also.

I really can't believe I didn't think of using this game in the classroom before now. 
It's amazing for review.  We play it again on Thursday. Hooray!! 

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