Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sentence Practice

We've been working on correct formation of sentences in writing: starting with a capital letter, leaving spaces between our words, ending with proper punctuation, etc.

We've also been working on applying our letter sounds in reading.

What better way to combine these activities and have some fun than on the SMARTboard?  Students have to find the matching words to a sentence I say aloud.  First, they hear the sentence. Then, students come up one at a time to find the next word in the sentence, making sure to leave a space.  The last student has to find the proper punctuation based on how I say the sentence. For instance, if I say "I see a scary Jack-O-Lantern!" vs. "I see a scary Jack-O-Lantern."  (This last part also helps in learning to read with expression based on punctuation.) 

I was pretty upset that I didn't save this file when I made it last year and had to recreate it, but I think I like this year's version better.

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