Sunday, October 25, 2015

Update on the Broken Phone

So, I had to go back and update the posts from the fair and Columbus Day because I couldn't access my photos. My charging port stopped working on my phone (meaning it wouldn't charge and I couldn't connect it to my computer to transfer the photos with the 5% battery it had before dying).  I took it to the AT&T store and since I've had it less than a year, they said it would be replaced under warranty... But that I had to wait for a new phone to be shipped. I was without a working phone (and, subsequently, camera!) for about four days.

By the way, if you're wondering, "Why didn't you just borrow someone else's phone to charge your battery for you?" 
Well, I tried this option. Galaxy Note 4s, for whatever reason, have a different battery than all the other phones. 
So my battery didn't fit in anyone else's phone. And no one else at school has the same type of phone! 
How annoyingly inconvenient, am I right?

Anyway, then when I got the 'new' phone on Thursday, the camera didn't work! Everything I took a photo of was incredibly blurry. (No, I didn't leave the sticker on the back of the camera. It just never focused.)

I take photos all the time. I cannot have a phone without a working camera.

So on Friday afternoon I want back to the AT&T store. The manager, Sean (who provided excellent customer service!), was surprised to see that I was back with another problem.  After trying a few fixes, he called to get the replacement phone replaced. Ha, ha.

Sorry I didn't get photos and update during red ribbon week. :( I absolutely loved the Nerd Day and Halloween costumes.  

I cannot believe I've had broken internet and a broken phone in the past couple months. Sorry for all the interruption in posts! :( Fingers crossed technology works for me for awhile now...

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