Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bricks4Kidz Mobile Field Trip

I was hesitant when I first heard about the Bricks4Kidz field trip.  I was thinking "part of the fun of a field trip is getting to go somewhere outside of the school."  Reflecting on this now that I've experienced a field trip that comes to us, I think it's even better than your standard field trip! There's no bus ride ("wasted time"), and you get to have fun in an environment that is normally very strict and time-regimented.

The Bricks4Kidz representatives were only with our class for an hour, but we also got to do creative building outside with cardboard boxes and build with Legos the entire rest of the day!  

During the hour they were in our room, they taught students how to make a Merry Go Round following some 'simple' directions and attaching a motor.  I say 'simple' because I think it's more suitable for kindergartners in the second half of the year... they needed a good amount of adult help to follow the directions at this point.  It was still fun, and as we explained the directions, they were able to find the correct pieces and connect them accordingly.

The best part was that once students made a basic model, they were able to adjust however they wanted!  This was a neat experimentation time.  Students could make their Merry Go Round longer, able seat more people, etc.  Oh, and the kids also got to make their own minifig to ride the Merry Go Round and to take home.  So that's pretty cool!

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