Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back to School Craft

I've done this craft with a group of students before, but last time I was in a rush and didn't cut out the white almond shapes for the eyes... so the students ended up looking more creepy than cute.  This year, I cut out the head shape (with matching skin tone), the almond whites of the eyes, and the colored circles for the irises.  Then Mrs. Dean led the students in a small group to draw their features.  Ever one to focus on detail, she helped students add glasses and beads in their hair. I cannot believe how cute they turned out! The kids really enjoyed making them and you could tell they were proud of the finished product.

After the students left, I went around and taped the faces to their chairs so when parents arrived they came in to a classroom of smiling children! 

But really. 
How much do you love these?

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