Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hello, 2015-16 School Year!

Great news! Usually during the first week of school, I'm exhausted. I fall asleep at roughly 6:30 and begrudgingly get up the next day.  The whole first week is a blur of stress and sleep.  Not this year!  I told my dad I think it's because I was at the school or prepping school stuff (sigh) almost every day this summer, so it's saved me a lot of stress this first week.

So here's the new crop of kiddos on their first day of school! Parents, don't worry, you'll get a higher quality version of this photo at the end of the year.  :) Ask your child if he/she can recognize and name some classmates!

It's always really neat to learn the personalities of your new students and watch them grow throughout the year!  

On the first day, we read the book The Kissing Hand and went on a scavenger hunt tour of the school, looking for Chester raccoon and hearing the clues he left from staff members he "visited" around the building.  We never did find him (as Mrs. B mentioned, during the day he should be sleeping!), but he did leave us some treats when we got back to the classroom! 

The second day of school, we wrote a class book about the adventure! Most students agreed that the hunt was the highlight of the first day, so when we discussed that we should write about things we really like, we settled on the hunt as the topic for our first class book.  (P.S. I know I'm not good at drawing raccoons. Just let it go.)

EXCITING NOTE: See how we're all sitting on that lack of a meeting carpet? Well, thanks to some kind donors at DonorsChoose, we'll have a brand new carpet for a meeting area in a few weeks!  Hooray! :)

Among all the teaching of rules & procedures this week, we've had some time for fun:
using our "big kid" morning journals, exploring math manipulatives, finding books that fit our interests in the reading bins, and just having a laugh or two when we come together!

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