Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Exhaustion set in.

Remember in that last post when I was so excited because I had a normal level of energy in the first week of school? Okay, well, in the second week, it hit me.  Between getting back in the routine, going to meetings after school, and teaching four classes in a week at the gym, I got home and passed out.  Like, I didn't even make it to the bed. I just fell asleep on the couch.  Of course this lack of free time comes right before David is scheduled to deploy again. (Bleh, less than a week now.) So in the little time I've had at home, if I have managed to stay awake, I've tried to get some couple time in, too.

In the remainder of the first and second week of school, we managed to get through a lot of assessments.  It's so important to find out where the students are at the beginning of the year. In kindergarten it's especially vital since you have some kids already reading and others that can't identify their names. The one-on-one time with students also lets me see who's willing to persist at a task and who gives up before even trying.

Anyway, I'm about to update you on everything else you've missed.

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