Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Publishing Day!

We've been working on our current stories in writing for almost a month now, and today is publishing day! We broke out the colored pencils to add some detail before we read our stories to the class. 

Here's a peek at some of the stories. Keep in mind that these kids came in not knowing all of their letters! Can you believe this progress? 

Me and My Dogs, by Kyson

I put my dad's dogs on the leash. (I like that he knows they're not his dogs.) 

 Me and my dad walked two of my dogs.

Me and my dad went to put my dog back in the house. 

Popsicles, by Jackson

Popsicles come in all shapes, colors and sizes. 

They help you cool off on a hot day. 

Popsicles melt if you don't eat it fast enough. 

They are good. I like blueberry best. 

Playing, by Leanna

Kids like to play. 

I like to play in leaves. 

I like to play in water. 

I like to play in bubbles. 

Do you like to play? 

I think these stories show how much we've been working on a strong introduction and conclusion in addition to spacing and proper letter formation. Sure, we always have more work to do, but we're getting there! Bravo, kiddos. 

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