Sunday, December 7, 2014

Place Value with Teen Numbers

This week is all about those numbers in the teens. The ever-tricky 11-19.  Kids often write 31 instead of 13, or confuse 12 for 11. Beyond that, they have difficulty recognizing that numbers in the teens are a group of ten with x amount of leftover ones. 

To help teach this, of course we're playing some more HarryKindergarten videos! 

For writing numbers, "Numbers in the Teens... They start with a 1."

For recognizing place value," Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of 10"

We played the Eraser Challenge for writing and recognizing numerals. The kids loved this. I didn't print the number strips the game rules suggest... I just showed the numbers on the SmartBoard and told the kids to copy whichever color we were on.

We also made our Teen Number Counting Books and discussed the value of teen numbers with unifix cubes. The Counting Teens Number Mat really helped keep us organized! 

As a quick assessment to see who understood the concept of teen number place value, I made a ten frame addition worksheet: Hot Dog!

We are certainly making progress, but the true value of these numbers doesn't come easily. It's not enough to know "12" is called twelve and is written as a 1 and a 2. Kids really need to understand that 12 is 10 and 2 ones, or 6 and 6 or 5 and 7 (really any decomposition).  I've never really looked at teaching numbers quite so in depth before, so it's neat to see how the kids are picking it up and doing better at math in general as a result. 

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