Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sight Word Fun!

The kids got tired of the cut and paste sight word pages. Can you blame them? They aren't very fun... And more importantly, they didn't help my students retain the spelling or recognition of sight words, so I had to mix it up a bit. 

Each day when we come inside from recess, we watch a new sight word video. Some are from HaveFunTeaching, some from HeidiSongs, and others are from random parents and teachers who have made up a chant to help their children learn. 

The kids enjoy all of them! Below you'll see just one example. 

After we watch the video, it's time to bust out the SHAVING CREAM! Shaving cream used to only be a fun activity for the end of the year, but I thought about how much the kids enjoy it and how it gives them the tactile experience with the sight words and felt it was worth cleaning up daily! 

For me, it's the perfect transition between recess and station/catch-up reading group time. 

HaveFunTeaching makes all kinds of fun videos... We also watch some for letter sounds and one about the Seasons (a class favorite!) 

What Do The Letters Say? 

Seasons Song

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