Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Veterans

Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Thank you, David.
Thank you, Dad Richardson.

Thank you, Ed.

Thank you, active, retired, reservist and former members of our nation's armed forces.

Thank you for the struggles you went and continue to go through. For the training, the distance from family, the danger you willingly enter. For us. For our nation and the freedom we enjoy each day.

Thank you for being our real-life superheroes.

And thank you, military spouses. Our homefront warriors

Although Veteran's Day has always been a holiday close to my heart because of my parents and the sacrifices they went through as Army soldiers, this year it's even more significant.  I know my sister feels the same. David and I got four months as newlyweds before he left for his first deployment.  Ed and Mandy got eight months before Ed left for his. 

 Ed (Navy), Dad (Army), David (Air Force), John and Cameron

The military life. It's a hard one, but it's so worth it.  It's worth it when you go to the change of commands or promotions and hear the speeches and shake so many hands hearing "You don't know how great your Dad is," "Your husband was the best in his class," "You're lucky to call this guy your Dad, he's helped with so much," or "You're lucky to have this guy as your husband, I know he's going to do great things."  (Yes, I know! But I'm glad all you guys realize it, too!)   

 It's always interesting to me when people say they have no idea what it's like; they've never had anyone in their family in the military.  They look at you when your eyes are puffy because your husband just left and wonder why anyone would ever marry into that. (But hey, people also wonder why anyone would want to spend their days around 21 five- and six- year olds, too.) It's a hard life, but it's a proud one.  It's an honor to have so many close to me making the nation's safety and security their top priority. 

Padre and Cameron <3

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