Sunday, July 27, 2014

On being Mrs. Richardson... in Georgia

I see the last time I posted was before summer break... and now it's the end of July, and I'm already back at work. Let's recap what major events happened in this "break" time, shall we? We'll have to work in timeline format.

June 13: Last day of school at Spotswood! So sad. After we waved goodbye to the buses with our bubble blowers (Thanks, Mrs. Smith!) and before we headed into the library for the end of year luncheon, there may have been a pit stop in my classroom to let a couple tears flow.  It's hard to say goodbye to the students, staff and parents at Spotswood. Simply put, they are amazing and will hold a special place in my heart forever.

June 14: However, you don't have long to be pouty when you've got a Budget truck to load up! Thankfully my parents came on Saturday to help me finish packing and get the truck loaded and ready to go.

June 15: I MOVED to Georgia! And for the first 30 minutes had my shoulders up to my ears I was so tense about driving that truck. Turns out, I'm pretty okay at driving moving trucks... but I'd rather not do it again. David and I began unloading immediately (on my recommendation) when I arrived at our new house!

June 16: Since we still had the truck rented, we went to David's apartment to grab the last of his large furniture. We got everything unloaded and the truck returned.

June 17: David had to go to work, but I got a lot of unpacking done.

June 18: Did some more unpacking, then headed back to Virginia for our wedding! I made fan programs for our outdoor ceremony the entire ten-hour trip. Surprisingly, it made it go by faster. When we arrived at my apartment, we realized we packed an air mattress but forgot all bedding. We slept pretty terribly without pillows or blankets. (Remember, my house was "empty.")

June 19:  I say "empty" loosely, because we had to continue to pick up and pack those last few things that turned out to be enough to completely fill David's car and half fill my car. Hm... more than I intended, clearly. Then we had to clean the apartment and rush to Richmond to meet our officiant for some marriage counseling! We made it to my parent's house in Charlottesville around 11pm.

June 20: The last day to get things done for the wedding! We worked all day to make welcome bags for our guests, make and wrap the favors (Excellent job, David!), write cards, wrap gifts and finally get ready for our rehearsal.  I am quite pleased with how fun and entertaining the rehearsal and dinner were. We know some good people. :) I remember thinking at the dinner "this is weird, I've sat through so many of these as a guest, it kind of feels like I'm a guest at someone else's rehearsal" ... and then someone stands up to give you a toast and you realize "no! it's mine! hooray!" We had plans to enjoy a bonfire with some of the guests staying at the cottages with us, but the weather suggested otherwise. With all the rain, I began to get nervous how the weather would be the next day for the ceremony. We ended up staying up way past the time we should have, enjoying the company of good friends we hadn't seen in awhile.

June 21: YAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYYYYYYY! The day arrived! I woke up incredibly early because I was so excited. I did my nails (which I had been complaining about to David, saying I didn't have enough time to get them done, so he bought me THIS). Let me tell you, it's amazing and easy and I got a ton of compliments. 

Maria: "These look beautiful! Did you go get them done or did you do them yourself?"
Me: "What do you think?" 
Maria: "Well, I know you, so I think you did them yourself, but they look great!" 
Me: She knows me too well.

Then I went outside, looked at the beautiful views, and got started on the flowers! Which I also opted to do myself. Thank you, bloomsbythebox. Of course, these took a bit longer than I expected. (THANKS, MANDY AND ED for all your above and beyond exceptional help!)  Before I knew it everyone was there eager to get ready! And then I took too long doing that, too... So padre had to come make sure I hurried it along. 

Driving in the car from the cottage to the ceremony site and stepping out of the car was a genuine dream. come. true.  Everyone worked so hard (MAD PROPS TO YOU, MOM AND DAD) to make it exactly how I'd pictured, only way better.  I actually thought I'd fallen into a fairy tale.

And now I'm married to my Prince Charming!

Want to see more wedding photos? CLICK HERE.

June 22-July 1: 4:30am wakeup to make it to Dulles in time for our flight to the Dominican! (THANK YOU, MARIA AND NELS for waking up with us, giving us a ride and housing my car!) This was an excellent 8 days in paradise at the Excellence Punta Cana. (THANKS, MOM & DAD RICHARDSON!) It was absurd to be waited on hand and foot, and I felt just silly that these workers were doing everything for me.  We had no real-life problems or thoughts. It was a welcome break amid all the stress of moving and wedding planning, and a wonderful way to celebrate our marriage!  Well, except for the travel days. David was sick on the way out which made for a miserable flight and we both had food poisoning (?) or some other kind of incredibly unpleasant sickness on the way back.  The good thing about this is that we were really excited to be back home instead of still on vacation. Back in the good old U. S. of A. where you can understand the prices of items and read pharmacy directions in English. ;)

July 2: Worst travel day of my life. We drove back down to Georgia and I was pretty much incoherent and dry heaving the entire time.  But we made it!

July 3-6: Still recovering from being sick. Due to extreme lack of sleep, I was feeling anxious about anything and everything! So listen, if you ever go to the Dominican, use bottled water to brush your teeth. And visit a doctor beforehand and take various typical medicines with you

July 7David got us free tickets to Six Flags through the "Salute to Heroes" program before we went on our honeymoon, so we used them when we thought I was better. Turns out, I was too paranoid to really go on the rides. We went on two and then had a nice time walking around. 

July 8 - 21: I got a few texts from coworkers saying they were working in their classrooms. Of course at this point I thought, "Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm ready to be back in the classroom just yet!" But I went and am so glad I did. I had my work cut out for me. I own too much junk  stuff. Not only that, but going in so much over the summer helped me meet many of my new coworkers! They all seem amazing and I'm excited to be a part of their team.

Here's a sneak peek at how my room came together. I still need to do a few last minute touches.

Yes, that $40 spent on fabric was well worth every penny.

July 22: But let's be honest, I needed ONE REAL DAY OF NOTHING BUT SITTING AT HOME for summer break. So that's what I did on this day.

July 23: The contracted hours began! And so starts another year.

Hm. That was a really long one and I don't expect anyone actually read it all except for family members. (You guys better have! I'm shaking my fist at you if you didn't!) 


  1. Eeeek - Mrs Richardson!! Are you getting used to how that sounds? Your room looks adorable. Wishing you a wonderful school year Sam. Your new school is lucky to have you! {and so is David ;) }

  2. Congratulations! Wish you all the best! <3 Christa Kim