Sunday, May 11, 2014

Teaching Sight Words

Alright, so when I went home for Easter, I saw Cameron's stack of flash cards on the counter.  I was flipping through them and noticed tons of star stickers.  My mom said "I do the same thing for him that I did with you. When he gets it right, he gets a sticker on the back." 

Yes, this does go through quite a lot of stickers. But it's exciting as a kid to see yourself making progress.

What I thought was even more exciting than this and really helpful for kids who don't want to practice flashcards was when my mom brought out the set Cameron had made for her.  She told me "He has to study sight words. I have to study his favorite characters."  

This idea reinforces the importance of studying for kids and makes Cameron feel like he's not the only one working toward something. On days he really doesn't want to do any practicing, she says "Well, at least make more flashcards for me," and he'll do it.  So most days they both practice, but if he is having a really hard day, he's at least drawing to show his characters. 

I am crazy about this idea.  Also, now Cameron feels like his grandma is really showing an interest in what's important to him.  She can watch the shows with him or see him playing a game and say "hey, is that so and so?"  And he gets excited and says YES! ;)

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