Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter is Approaching!

We have so many exciting activities this week, but one of my favorites is the bunny book.  Students learn the rhyme so they can practice tracking and reading the book when it's complete.

"Here is a bunny with ears so funny. 
Here is his hole in the ground.
When a noise he hears, he perks up his ears
And runs back to his hole in the ground."

This has ears; sorry, they got cut off in the photo. 
It looks like a bunny!

Students copy the sentence from the board (or I write it in highlighter and they trace it, if necessary).  Then they get to use a mixture of construction paper scraps and crayon to illustrate each page.

We also have a fun bunny book teaching ordinal numbers that we'll be doing in math, but I haven't finished my example book yet. I'll post it as soon as it's complete!

And don't forget about our -ail family tails! 

Want to make your own?
You can print the image above (as large as possible on a page) to create your tracer for the bunny.
You can download the -ail family cottontails HERE!

We also read the stories Max's Chocolate Chicken and Benny's Chocolate Bunny and compared the two with a venn diagram:

Hm. Yes, that's coffee in the upper right hand corner. We can't all be perfect. :(

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