Monday, April 14, 2014

DeKay's Snake

Well, ever since I was a little kid I've had a problem with animals I find in nature.  I like to be their "friend," and pick them up, and take them home.  So naturally when I was out running and saw a snake in the middle of the road, I just had to save him from being run over.  I wasn't really sure what kind of snake he was and didn't want to stay in the road to research it, so I rigged up this little contraption:

Yep, that's my sock tied to a stick with my ponytail holder. I didn't have much of an option.
Leaving him wasn't even a consideration.

When I got back home I put him in this tub:

Which is a pretty nice home for a snake, if you ask my opinion.  I even dug up some worms to throw in there for him! When I texted these photos to my mom, she was not happy.

Anyway, now that he was safe and contained, I had time to research him.  Turns out, he was a brown snake (De Kay's snake). Soo cute and tiny.  They are not poisonous and do not bite. That's actually him at a fully grown adult size! 

The principal allowed me to bring him in for the kids to see after I assured her he was not poisonous.  
The other teachers were not excited about this. That's okay, the kids were.

And now he's been released back into the wild! 

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