Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hooray for Fish!

Hooray for Fish is a book by Lucy Cousins that I love to read to the kiddos to work on "describing words." (Also known as adjectives!) Lucy takes the reader through the ocean and describes all sorts of different fish.  You can watch the video to hear the story come alive:

I like getting to this page in the book and asking kiddos which one is their favorite fish:

Typically when answering a question like this, 5-year-olds will point and say "THAT ONE!" When pointing from 10 feet away, it's kind of hard to understand which one that one is.  So I ask students to use words to describe their favorite fish.  This prompts responses such as "I like the yellow fish that looks like a pineapple," or "I like the yellow and green striped fish with the red head."  

This activity transitions nicely into our independent activity.  Students get a fish to trace, decorate and write about.

My fish is a strawberry.

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