Sunday, February 9, 2014

COW Activity: Sentence Cut-Ups

If you forgot what COW is, see my Concept of Word post here. 

A great activity for building the letter/sound connection and identifying word chunks in sentences is a cut-apart sentence puzzle.  These can fit in with almost any theme you've got in the classroom, and you can easily make ones at home that pique your child's interest.

Here, you'll see one we used after reading the story Lion's Lunch?  by Fiona Tierney. Students repeated the sentence "Look at my big lazy lion!" after me multiple times so they knew what their sentence was supposed to say.  We discussed how the first word in the sentence needed to start with the /l/ sound and since it was the beginning of the sentence it should start with an uppercase letter.  Since there's only one word that starts with 'L,' it's an easy one to find.  

It can be tricky when multiple words begin with the same letter.

Puzzles like this make sure that the children use all of their letter sounds and rules of sentence construction as hints to figure out which word goes where.

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