Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From Snow Days to Summer Heat

In case it wasn't evident, I apparently had a little too much relaxation going on over Spring Break.  Lofty goals of getting real work accomplished got tossed out the window in favor of...

This incredible beach that I had (no joke) all to myself. Ridiculous.  I had a really cool panoramic photo to prove that I was the only person in sight, but can't find where it's located in my phone. So you get that mediocre photo instead.

But in all honesty, we went from St. Patrick's Day to Spring Break so fast! With the random snow days, I didn't feel like I had a whole lot of news to share.  We were cramming to make sure we got everything done, doing a lot of final assessments for report cards and making bunny books!

The week of March 19-22 we did make Root Beer floats as an experiment/snack to find out if the ice cream would sink or float. (Contrary to what you may believe, most children hypothesized that the ice cream would sink despite the name!)  Asher cracked me up when he said "I've never gotten to pour my own soda before!!!" And he was clearly more excited by that than by the float itself.

We also made some astronauts and aliens for 'Aa' week.  Are these aliens not the cutest things you've ever seen? Also, are you ever surprised by how creative and talented your children are? I am on a daily basis.  Look at what they made completely from scrap paper!

I'd say those were probably the biggest highlights of that week. Then we move forward to the incredibly short week before break.

Monday before Spring Break. SNOW!
Between Tuesday-Thursday, we were able to complete

  • our word family bunnies, writing -ail words on his/her cotton tails:

  • our bunny books, a rhyming story about a cute little bunny:

  •  our ordinal bunny books, a math story about five little bunnies and their adventures
  • our EGG HUNT! Which was less of an 'egg hunt' and more of a 'find the eggs you think are the coolest' hunt, since they were all out in plain sight. 

Counting eggs from the Easter egg hunt!

And with a 4 day week followed by a 3 day week, it was time to ... SKATE at Golden Skateworld Spirit Night! Thanks to everyone who came out to support Spotswood and have a great time! (By the way, if you took photos that night, please send them my way!)

Jada and I standing outside the actual skating area
(which seemed to be a more popular location amongst the kiddos!)
I hope that you all had an amazing holiday.  I enjoyed hearing about what the kiddos did!  Haha, here's how I made my nephew spend his Easter morning:

And then my both of my sisters got mad at me for combining various shades of colors and teaching him how to graph 'inaccurately.' Hm. He still loves me!

Anyway, somehow, between the Sunday I drove to Florida and the Sunday I drove back, things really warmed up in Virginia. Everything is in bloom, and the sun seems to have taken over!  Kiddos have been saying "I wish it was raining today" and "I'm so hot, can't we just go inside early?" regularly this week.  (And that was with us going in early.)  Remember to apply sunscreen at home on days you know the sun will be out!  It doesn't take long to burn and we are still going outside for recess.  Also, a reminder that your child CAN have a water bottle to keep on his/her desk to stay hydrated throughout the day!  I strongly recommend sending one!

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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