Friday, March 22, 2013

Visit From a Leprechaun!

While I am normally pretty quick to upload photos thanks to the quick shots I can take and mail from my phone, I brought an actual camera to school on St. Pat's.  The upside: you get better quality photos and a lengthier video! The downside: it took me an entire week to upload them. =/

First, the kiddos shared the leprechaun traps they'd been working so hard on at home.  We were certain we'd catch one if they snuck in our room this year!

This hat trap must have been on Pinterest or somewhere online,
because Payton and Laci had a similar idea ... but I love how they were still different!

Alex is the only one who thought to use WATER! Awesome! 

Then we hid a gold coin for a partner to find.  We wrote clues to help them locate the gold!

Wearing leprechaun masks!
When we went to recess, we looked for a little bit of luck in the clover patch...

David did find a four-leaf clover, but he accidentally dropped it.  And Payton made an awesome literary connection... she said,"Ugh. Now I know exactly how Horton felt!" ;0)

Poor Horton. Poor kiddos. They asked, "Can't we just pick the 3-leaf ones??"  Le sigh. No.

When we came back inside, we did some math and then strategically set up our leprechaun traps around the room.  It was time for Encore... which meant no one would be in the K building for a full 45 minutes. If a leprechaun was going to visit, now was his prime chance...

45 minutes later, we came back, opened the door, and saw...

And here's how we felt about it:

As always, owl be teaching you tomorrow!

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